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Hello, tag support!

Finally got around to play with - and implement - tag support 🥳

Reminding you all that this is a 'static' website, meaning a site without a database, but – still based on Laravel.

As describe in this post, the page data is indexed in a yaml file, so adding the tag section to the page data was fairly easy:

    title: 'Hello, tag support!'
    section: blog
    created_at: '2022-09-11 09:39:23'
    links: [feature-wishlist]
    tags: [pizza, tennis]

Rendering the tags on the page:

    <div class="my-4 float-right">
        @each('components.tag', $page->tags, 'tag')

And - finally - on the tag page, show links to the pages containing the tag:

$links = Page::all()->filter(function ($page) use ($tag) {
    return collect($page->tags)->contains($tag);

Again, performance on a site with thousand of pages: Probably not great. On this site: Totally acceptable.

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Published 11th of Sep, 2022
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